About Us

About Dirty Little Secret Soap Co.

After years of watching my children struggle with dry skin, I took to the internet to find a solution for their ongoing battle of achieving soft and moisturized skin. With no luck of finding suitable products that actually worked, I said “fuck it” and started making my own skin care products for my family. Not only did these products significantly help their dry skin, but I fell in love with the process of creating skin care items along the way. As word of mouth spread to friends and community members, a small batch skin care company called Dirty Little Secret Soap was born. Now that my children are all grown up, I decided to make them my bitch and help me turn my small company into the brand of my dreams! At Dirty Little Secret Soap, we take pride in being fun and flirty, and we’re never afraid to push some boundaries! 

“My mission is to continue to create skincare products that not only look cute on your bathroom shelf, but also work miracles on your skin! Whether you have dry, oily, flaky, or just plain old sensitive skin, I am up for the challenge!!” - Kelly Herrington

What is a small batch business and why should you support it?

Instead of mass-producing products using lower quality ingredients that were bought in bulk, we create each and every item we sell by hand (and with love)! The maker (aka Mom) is directly involved in the quality of the product, one batch at a time. We source local and organic ingredients to produce high quality products for our beloved customers. Most handcrafters are small businesses and with your purchase, your money goes back into a community, supports local businesses, and economic welfare. Thanks for supporting us Dirty Gals!!